Soap toolkit completely replaced by .NET? I'm not so sure...


Chris Bardon

Ok, so looking up the SOAP toolkit on MSDN gives you a nice little
message saying that the toolkit has been replaced by the .NET
framework. Ok, fine...but here's my problem. I just checked out this
sample application (
which shows how to call a web service from C++ without knowing
anything about it at compile time. There seems to be NOTHING in .net
to do this though? Everything I've read assumes you have the WSDL and
proxy class at compile time, and none of the classes from the SOAP
toolkit seem to exist in .NET (or if they do, they've been renamed to
something else). All I want to do is create a C++ application that
can take a WSDL file, come up with a list of service methods, and call
one of them. The codeproject example accomplished this, but if MSSoap
is replaced by .net then surely there's a better way to do this.

Has microsoft just assumed that nobody wants to call a web service in
this way?




But the SDK is still available. Support will end in July 2004.

In .NET, it looks like a System.Web.Services.Description.ServiceDescription
is a class the describes a Web Service and that it can both read and write
WSDL streams...

It would allow to easily query the service description (of course in most
cases, I suppose you call a particular service you are insterested in rather
than a service your app discovers on the fly).


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