Test of video in xtml5



I just made a test video page using html5. While html5 is capable of
building video players without using commercial media players, it
appears that many are using a lot of fairly complicated JavaScript to
do this. I find that you can embed the usual commercial media players
just fine in html5 pages and can use php and not JavaScript to do so.

I have several media pages served as xhtml 1.1. I find that you can
use the valid code for xhtml 1.1 and add a special header include to
convert the page to html5. This mainly gets rid of the special xhtml
stuff. There are a few differences in what xhtml 1.1 and html5 allow.
A few things that still work in xhtml 1.1 give validation errors at
the w3c experimental html5 validator. However if you solve the error
for html5, the code that works for it often will work in xhtml 1.1 .
If your present media page is html 4.01 strict, you likely could
convert to html5 using a different header include and then have only
little to correct by hand.

See http://www.cwdjr.net/flash4/catfightclipsXHTML11.php for a media
page in xhtml 1.1. It has been changed a bit to allow code to work
equally well in html5. See http://www.cwdjr.net/flash4/catfightclipsHTML5.php
for the same page in html5. The text version is at
http://www.cwdjr.net/flash4/catfightclipsHTML5.txt . The text version
of the header include code used is at http://www.cwdjr.net/flash4/mimeH5.txt

Note that html5 is still noted as experimental at the w3c validator
site and there likely will be more changes in it. Although some big
companies are starting to use html5 for a few things, not all browsers
support all of html5 yet, and you must be very careful if you use it
at this early stage. For me, I can find no advantages of html5 for
what can be done in xhtml 1.1 properly served or for html4.01 strict
in many cases. Some of the interest in html5 seems to be greatest in a
few large companies, often having to do with profit and ego more than
any great improvement in code. It also seems to be more important for
small devices than for desktop computers. I need only mention the
attitude of Apple to flash.


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