VS2005: ASP.net forms designer: Intellisense


Martin Robins

I have created an inherited control based upon the GridView control, however
when I use this control within the VS2005 ASP.net form designer I can no
longer access the intellisense for the base control (technically it is now
in a new namespace instead of the original "asp").

I know I can create my own intellisense XML for the new properties that I
have added, but is there a way to tell VS that the other properties should
be taken from the asp:GridView or do I have to redo all properties within my
own XML?



Teemu Keiski


Intellisense should work automatically if you just have the derived GirdView
and it's related objects (fields etc) in the same namespace. So if you have
derived from GridView, and have this subclass in your own namespace, for
Intellisense to work, you'd need to subclass also possible field classes
etc. and have them in this same namespace with the GridView