Why Princeton, Harvard, MIT have to shed down their budgets...

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Fabrizio J Bonsignore

Because I am here. I. And I... I. It makes sense. IT makes sense
because there is a new pole of development and they are getting public
funds. Crowding out effects. So if we establish a transference of
public public funds budget from them to me, because there is here all
this, I, they would have to decrease their budget and payroll and
release the best, most expensive paid professors or whatevers, and
also the more inpet or less competitive ones like the ones who have
family, want children, live too far away, do not visit the cafeterias,
cannot take any schedule, do not produce anything but some classes,
etc. Then some of the best paid now would have to price-accept
chores in the new academy, and even some inpet one might scurry in
again in a new academy-institute, and this is possible because they
new institute does have new and original material to offer. The older
academies level (however it is defined), would normalize and
increment, since the best paid are now off and the less competitive
are out, conceivably with care increasing their level. Simultaneously
the new academy gets top class material at lower prices without the
anchor of the most inpet and less competitive ones, so it actually
yields and increase yield in level (like product) and since it is new
material because there is a new pole of development and research
intent-direction, the whole system benefits by increasing the general
level. Older professors are also freed to go and become comparatively
competitive in the out-of-academia markets, possibly yielding more
product than a few strained, improvised, unintelligible exhibitions in
front of a blackboard (actually greenboard, whatever). The older
academias can indeed increase their level on the excuse of a lower
budget, which makes their names shine again and increases the overall
average level of... level, since the new institute, I, is above
previous level (ideas+best paid now best priced researchers) and the
older ones are also above previous level of level.

This principle can be extended: shed down your researchers in exchange
for public budget cuts and dedicate to class without the onerous
spence in typical research. Send the most motivated to real research
new pole of development and the inpet ones to open market and ---
business management. Let the new place provide new, above average
(lots of media attention at least ;) ) results and average up the
whole system.

This was the idea behind government slimming and holding takeovers and
multicorporate vertical integration vs horizontal integration (1/2),
wasnt it? But it is possible because there _IS_ a new kid in town and
it _IS_ different from current, de facto, ceteris paribus, ex ante,
setups. Like in a characteristics demand model where the ......
Frontier extended out convexely...

Was I missing something for another post or you DO get the idea?

Danilo J Bonsignore


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