ASP Page display the previous page file name in address bar

May 19, 2006
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I'm new in ASP .NET area. I created some simply pages (.aspx). Click on the button on the page will go to the next page. The problem is the link name on the address bar seems to be displaying the previous one.

e.g. The first page is 'default.aspx', click button will go to the next page 'quesiton.aspx', then the next page will display 'result.aspx'. The first page is displayed fine, but when I go to the second (question) page, the link still shows "http://...//default.aspx", when I go to the next page (result), the link shows "http://...//question.aspx".

I use Server.Transfer("questions.aspx") in the button click event in the 'default' page, and Server.Transfer("result.aspx") in the button click event in the 'question' page.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks.


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