First release of Shed Skin, a Python-to-C++ compiler.

Discussion in 'Python' started by Mark Dufour, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Mark Dufour

    Mark Dufour Guest

    Hehe. Okay. It will probably always be the case that you have to lose
    Shed Skin's main use will be in algorithmic-like code, which is also
    in most need of optimization. Typically such code is not very dynamic,
    or uses many exceptions, if any. It may be the case that most programs
    written in Python are not algorithmic-like at this point, which would
    be logical, since Python is traditionally not one of the fastest
    languages.. In that case applying Shed Skin to existing programs may
    not be very useful in most cases.

    But in any case, exceptions are not really dynamic (I think..) so,
    yeah, they should be supported..
    I haven't really thought deeply about this, but I guess it shouldn't
    be too hard to use existing C++/Python bridges there. However, I have
    no experience at all in this area.. (hint hint)

    Mark Dufour, Sep 13, 2005
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