Need some experience


Tim Hanson

I have been a desktop Linux user for better than eleven years, as a hobby.
Back when we still did most of our computing on desktops I even set up a
rudimentary server setup in my home. Nothing fancy or anything, but I was
proud of it and of the fact that it was built Microsoft free. I have no
formal education in IT nor programming. Retired now, my career was finance; I
was an IRS field agent.

Since retiring two years ago, I have renewed my interest in software. I know
some C and lately decided to learn Python. I have worked through a couple of
the introductory texts and have a feeling for the OOP model, although I won't
be able to call myself an experienced practitioner anytime soon.

I am looking for an open source project that will allow me to develop my
skills further.

Financially, I'm set; I'm not looking for a job. I'm looking for some drudge
work, where I can look at other peoples' code and make a contribution.
Naturally I do not want to do this forever; I'm hoping to get up to speed with
my skill set so I can work to more complexity later.

Does anyone have some ideas that would help me?


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