New to Ruby, New to Programming.

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Jon Kupe, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Jon Kupe

    Jon Kupe Guest

    I just started programming about a month ago. I've started learning
    Ruby, C++, and Java just to get a feel for languages. I'm really liking
    ruby but I'm getting bored of doing super basic programs.(No more Hello
    World's) At the same time I'm totally lost when looking at any of the
    code snippets posted on this forum. I was wondering if anyone had any
    suggestions for getting better/more familiar without taking a class(I'm
    going to take one next semester at school)

    Thanks for your time,
    Jon Kupe, Sep 24, 2009
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  2. [Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

    You could always read through Chris Pine's 'Learn to Program'. Its an
    programming book with the examples in Ruby. Now in second edition, from
    Pragmatic Press.

    Richard Conroy, Sep 24, 2009
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  3. (1) Get a good basic book on the language you are learning (for Ruby,
    I like Programming Ruby [1.9] by Dave Thomas), both to read through
    linearly and to use as a reference,
    (2) Get things to try to do that are more involved than "Hello World",
    but where what you need to do is fairly well defined; some of the
    quizzes from the various incarnations of Ruby Quiz work for this --
    and there are some similar things on the web that aren't Ruby
    specific; if you can find descriptions of basic algorithms (Wikipedia
    is a decent enough starting point for these), implementing them in the
    language you are trying to learn can help you get a feel for the
    (3) Figure out something you'd like to do for yourself, and try to
    build it a piece at a time.
    Christopher Dicely, Sep 24, 2009
  4. Jon Kupe

    Jon Kupe Guest

    Thanks a lot. I just ordered that book. I've been doing more complex
    things then hello world. I've just been coming up with idea's and
    executing them. For example I did a salary calculator where I enter a
    salary and then it puts it in an income tax bracket and shows you
    monthly pay after taxes. I've been doing a lot of things like that, i'm
    just running out of idea's and having a hard time motivating myself to
    think of more app ideas. These books sound great and I think they are my
    next step.

    Thanks again.
    Jon Kupe, Sep 24, 2009
  5. Jon Kupe

    Bill Kelly Guest

    For example,this site holds the first 156 quizzes:
    (there are a couple other subsequent ruby quiz sites - I'm not sure
    what number we're up to now.)

    Examples of quizzes that might be suitable for beginners:
    (Warning, if you scroll down too far on the page, you will see the
    solutions listed!) LCD numbers Roman Numerals Morse Code Animal Quiz Dungeon Generation


    Hope this helps,

    Bill Kelly, Sep 24, 2009
  6. Hey! You should take a look at Shoes. It's a ruby-based domain specific lan=
    guage for GUIs. It's tremendously rewarding for a beginner to see the effec=
    ts of their work visually=2C and Shoes is perfect as it is made with beginn=
    ers in mind=2C so it's not too hard to use.

    It comes with a nice=2C built-in manual=2C which you can read to get an ide=
    a of use=2C and lots of sample apps. The shoebox website also has many apps=
    that others have made and posted=2C so that's a good source=2C and there a=
    re also many tutorials around the web for shoes. It's simple to get started=
    with=2C but you can go pretty far with it=2C very far beyond "super basic =
    programs" if you need to. Just come up with ideas for desktop programs=2C a=
    simple game perhaps=2C and start figuring out how to make it with the buil=
    t-in manual.=20

    The shoes website is temporarily and if you have an=
    y problems=2C you can always ask in the google group

    The shoes community is quite active=2C and helpful=2C and I think it's a gr=
    eat start for programmers. In fact=2C a couple of people have done "Introdu=
    ction to Programming" classes to kids using Shoes=2C because it's fun and g=
    enerates a lot of interest=2C and isn't too difficult to get started. Have =
    fun! :)

    - Ehsan
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    gline_try bing_1x1=
    Ehsanul Hoque, Sep 24, 2009
  7. I forgot to mention a couple things earlier. You could check out Why's Poig=
    nant Guide to Ruby. It's a book that has been the reason for many people fa=
    lling in love with the language. It's somewhat eccentric=2C but very well w=
    ritten and fun. Why was the creator of Shoes to=2C you should know. Here's =
    the book:

    Another fun thing you can do for programming in general is automation of di=
    fferent things. Using AutoIt V3 (
    shtml ) for windows automation=2C if you have a windows machine anywhere=
    =2C can be extremely fun. It was my start in programming. It was really fun=
    for me because I was automating the playing of online text-based MMORPGs=
    =2C but you can do all sorts of stuff. And it's a treat to see your compute=
    r act out real user movements that you've programmed it to=2C like seeing a=
    car running a race track without a driver!

    Anyways=2C I'll end with a piece of totally unsolicited advice: You should =
    always have fun when programming. Well=2C sure=2C sometimes it's a pain=2C =
    but it should be fun overall at least. So try to find the most fun things y=
    ou can do and go for it. Just learning a language without applying it in a =
    fun way can get boring very fast=2C unless you have some other deep motivat=
    ion to learn programming.

    - Ehsan.
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    Ehsanul Hoque, Sep 24, 2009
  8. Jon Kupe

    Jon Kupe Guest

    I just wanted to say thank you for everyones great responses. This is by
    far the best forum experience that I have ever had. I ordered a couple
    books, and started using a few of the mentioned programs. Everything is
    going along really well.

    Thanks so much,
    Jon Kuperman
    Jon Kupe, Sep 25, 2009
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