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Discussion in 'VHDL' started by dwi jayanto Wibowo, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. hi ..
    the fpga and vhdl master ...

    I want to ask about the ram ... I have a little problem in the call data that are saved on ram ... when I try to testbench or i simulate in single block outgoing data is correct, but when the block I combine and i synthesis in quartus then i run in modelsim Altera with data such as skipped out ..

    -- 2D ram
    subtype p_simb is std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
    type t_simb is array(1 to 257) of p_simb;

    -- deklarasi sinyal ram
    signal ram_kor : t_simb;


    process (rst,clk)
    if rst= '0' then << problem1
    sig_pros <= '0';
    Dec_codword_out <= "00000000";
    cnt4wraddr <= 1;
    cnt4rdaddr <= 1;
    ram_kor <= (others=>"UUUUUUUU"); << problem2

    elsif (rising_edge(clk)) then
    last_state <= enb_dec;
    last_state2 <= sig_pros;
    if enb_dec = '1' then
    cnt4wraddr <= cnt4wraddr + 1;
    ram_kor(cnt4wraddr) <= Dec_Din;
    cnt4wraddr <= 1;
    end if;

    if (str_koreksi = '1' or str_koreksi2 = '1') then
    sig_pros <= '1';

    elsif sig_pros = '1' then

    if (cnt4rdaddr >= 255 ) then
    Dec_codword_out <= "00000000";

    if (cnt4rdaddr > 255 ) then
    cnt4rdaddr <= 1;
    sig_pros <= '0';
    ram_kor <= (others=>"UUUUUUUU"); << problem2
    end if;
    end if;

    if (cnt4rdaddr <= 255 ) then
    if cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err1 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err1;

    elsif cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err2 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err2;

    elsif cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err3 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err3;

    elsif cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err4 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err4;

    elsif cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err5 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err5;

    elsif cnt4rdaddr = lokasi_err6 then
    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr) xor nilai_err6;

    Dec_codword_out <= ram_kor(cnt4rdaddr);

    end if;
    end if;

    end if;
    end if;
    end process;

    koreksi_done <= '1' when (last_state2 = '1' and sig_pros = '0') else '0';
    data_valid_out <= "00000000" when (cnt4rdaddr > 244 ) else Dec_codword_out;


    the problem occurs when I add a reset, when reset I remove the program works well, but source which used to be much ....
    I asked how to use the ram so that I could get the data properly .....

    does anyone have a solution?

    thanks 4 answer....
    dwi jayanto Wibowo, Jun 9, 2013
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  2. dwi jayanto Wibowo

    Rob Gaddi Guest

    Offhand, it's probably the fact that you can't have a block RAM have a
    reset signal for the contents; they don't do that. You can have an
    initializer on them, i.e.

    signal ram_kor : t_simb := (others => (others => 'U'));

    But no true signal reset.

    As a side note, PLEASE indent your code if you want people to read it.
    If copying and pasting it into your news client strips that out, then
    try again a a different way, because it's nearly illegible as is.
    Rob Gaddi, Jun 10, 2013
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  3. dwi jayanto Wibowo

    Andy Guest

    First, RAMs contents cannot be reset.

    Second, if you want to reset some things, and not others, in one clocked process, then you should execute the rising_edge() stuff first, then (not else) execute the reset assignments if reset is active.

    Otherwise, synthesis will add a feedback mux (clock disable) for things that are not reset, because the conventional "eslif rising_edge()..." prevents the any synchronous updates from occuring if reset is active.

    The following example template does this:

    process (rst, clk) is
    if rising_edge(clk) then
    -- synchronous assignments go here
    end if;
    if rst = '1' then
    -- asynchronous reset assignments go here
    end if;
    end process;

    Also, remove all but the clock and reset signals from your process sensitivity list for clocked processes.

    Andy, Jun 10, 2013
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