Third Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 6 Feb 2010)



Hi folks,

The Belgian Ruby User Group is happy to announce the third Ruby and Rails
devroom at Fosdem 2010. Fosdem is a gathering of Free and Open Source
Software developers and the ideal occasion to meet fellow Ruby and Rails
developers (and 2,000 other FOSS developers). If you have a good idea for
a talk or tutorial, consider sending in an abstract to (e-mail address removed)=
before Monday 4 January 2010. You can find the Call for Papers at, and quoted below.

See you at Fosdem!

Kind regards,
Peter Vanbroekhoven

Third Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 6 Feb 2010)

The Belgian Ruby User Group organizes the third
Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem 2010 (Brussels, 6 February 2010). We
are calling on presenters to propose an abstract for a presentation in
the Ruby and Rails devroom. Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Ruby
o Tutorials (installation, basic Ruby, advanced Ruby,
metaprogramming, DSLs, testing, design patterns, Rubygems,
C-extensions, GUI programming, multi-processing/multi-threading=85)
o New developments (Ruby, JRuby, Iron Ruby?, ...)
o Important/interesting libraries (your own, other=92s,
HOWTOs, demos, ...)
o Technical showcases (interesting applications of Ruby,
challenges, solutions, ...)
o ...
* Rails
o Tutorials (installation, basic/advanced web app design,
good practices, ...)
o New developments
o Important/interesting plugins (your own, other=92s, HOWTOs, dem=
o Technical showcases (interesting applications of Rails,
challenges, solutions =85)
o ...

You can view the 2008 program at to get
an idea.

We accept 25 minute and 50 minute talks and tutorials, but we are not
strict on this so please indicate the preferred length of your
talk/tutorial in your proposal. We may still slightly adjust this
length depending on the response we receive. We would like to ask you
to include a short biography when you submit your proposal. This bio
will appear on the FOSDEM website and should consist of a single
sentence description and an extended description; examples can be
found in the 2008 program: .

Please send your abstract to (e-mail address removed) before Monday 4
January 2010. It will be reviewed by the program committee and you
will receive a decision by Friday 8 January 2010 if your presentation
is accepted.

Entrance to the Fosdem conference and devrooms is entirely free.
Sorry, we cannot give any travel grants to foreign visitors (local
hospitality with one of the organizers is possible to save hotel
costs). In past years, approx. 2,000 people visited the Fosdem
conference. More information on Fosdem can be found at .


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