Web Service versus WCF Service (and Books)



hey group,

How do you know when you should write a basic .asmx Web Service versus
using the new WCF Service model?
Is the old method deprecated? Is there any good Microsoft websites
that explains Microsoft's direction in this regard?

Secondly, as a .NET developer which books should I be reading on Web
Services and SOA?

Thanks in advance,
Kelly Greer
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Andrew Faust

I don't know if it's actually depracated, but WCF is definitely the new
recommended method. I'm just now learning WCF, but the great thing I'm
liking is the fact that you can use the same code to run as a web service,
encrypted TCP channel, named pipe, etc. You can even support all of them at
once. All you need to do is change some XML configurations.

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