Works in Firefox and Mozilla...not in Internet Explorer???

Discussion in 'HTML' started by, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. I have a strange problem that I can't seem to resolve. When I display
    my Web Page at: it works fine in
    Firefox and Mozilla, but when I try to bring up the page in Internet
    Explorer version 6.0, the actual quiz information does not display. If
    you look at the status bar on the bottom of the page you will see the
    message "Error on Page". To the top right of the display area you can
    see the upper scroll bar, and if you try to resize it a bit, you will
    be able to see some of the data...but not all of it. Can anyone figure
    out what's going on...and how to fix it? Thanks a Bunch!
, Dec 5, 2005
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    Peterken Guest

    When entering the page I get an error in line 68, it's function

    function resizeAgain()
    var iframe = document.all.NAME;

    in the line iframe.height=... , it's an "access is denied" error.

    Maybe this info helps a bit ?
    Dunno much about FF or Moz, sorry
    Peterken, Dec 5, 2005
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    Arne Guest

    Also in Mozilla there is errors, as the Javascript Console will tell you:

    | Error: document.frames is not a function
    | Source File:
    | Line: 69

    And some warnings:

    | Warning: reference to undefined property document.frames
    | Source File:
    | Line: 69

    | Warning: Non-standard document.all property was used. Use W3C
    | standard document.getElementById() instead.
    | Source File:
    | Line: 68

    | Warning: deprecated arguments usage
    | Source File:
    | Line: 22

    Finaly, there is a lot of HTML errors:

    All of those errors and warnings can affect how the page is displayed in
    different browsers. Even if the iframe show up in Mozilla/Firefox, it
    may not work as intended because of the Javascript errors and warnings.


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    is weird noises.
    Arne, Dec 5, 2005

    Paul Watt Guest

    I had this problem with a iFrame. set the height to a fixed pixel setting
    and it will display. for some reason IE doesnt like percentages on iframes


    Paul Watt, Dec 5, 2005
  5. Your JavaScript has real problems. One hint the 'document.all'
    collection is MS proprietary...
    Jonathan N. Little, Dec 5, 2005
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