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Eric Joe

[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

As someone who recently began recruiting for social games, I've noticed that
many ruby on rails developers love games, but gravitate towards web
development. Very few people realize that social games can essentially be
seen as a segment of the web 2.0 sensation. Many studios are accepting ruby
on rails developers WITHOUT game development experience. Barriers to entry
are low, so now is the perfect opportunity to enter before the industry
before it becomes overly selective! Many developers I speak to are looking
to grow their programming abilities as well as apply their RoR backgrounds
into new endeavors. So my question to you regarding game development is
simply, "why not?"

If you wish to pursue my game developer openings, you would be working for
an exciting VC-funded B-stage startup located in the heart of San Francisco.
The studio has just over 20 employees and is very stable in terms of
monetizing their products as well as receiving VC backing ($4 million in
funding for Q4). You would be required to wear multiple hats in your role,
as they are looking for a superlative programmer that can both augment any
weaknesses in their team but also grow with the industry and the company.
Bear in mind that social games are new, and the programming languages that
are required today may eventually be phased out. As such, they want
developers with a passion to grow their programming talents and possibly
learn new languages as the industry evolves.

At this time, we are looking for onsite ruby on rails developers only!
Relocation will be covered, as will H-1B sponsorship for absolutely top
notch programmers. Title and salary are both open. Bonus, equity, and full
benefits are included.

Ideally, I'd like candidates with.

2+ years Ruby on Rails with experience in consumer-based web apps

1-2 years with AJAX, JS, CSS, and DHTML

Superlative experience in agile development/rapid prototyping

Passion for games

Huge pluses if you have .

Social networking application development (Facebook, Myspace,
Bebo, etc.)

Game development of any discipline (casual, social, traditional,

Metrics/data warehousing/analytics experience

Payment systems/e-commerce experience

Familiarity with AS3

Computer science and engineering degree (or equivalent experience)

Eric Joe
Talent Manager 415-572-6393....Mobile

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