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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by takmais, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. takmais

    takmais Guest

    Hi everyone. Dont think i've ever posted here before. I'm having a
    small problem with my page layout. Not sure if this is the place to
    come for help but it IS a javascript (or more precicely, a DOM) issue.
    if i'm in the wrong goupl would somebody direct me to the right place?
    the site in question is
    http://www.johnnygolden.com/garnersigns/website/ . notice the white
    background that flows down below the end of the page? my goal for that
    is to have it stretch vertially to fit the entire screen similar to the
    way the background at www.johnnygolden.com does. Now i copied the
    javascript directly from johnnygolden.com and used it for this site so
    it should work the same. I notice that it IS functioning but for some
    reason theres a gap. any ideas how to fix this?
    thanks a million
    takmais, Jun 23, 2006
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  2. takmais

    takmais Guest

    Ok.. I tried the height: 100% thing in the css for the #Container div
    and that didnt seem to have any effect at all. I did fix the
    javascript error and the adjustLayout() function seems to be working
    now.. i can see that the height is being adjusted when i resize the
    window and reload the page. I remember this isseue happening with my
    own persoanal site www.johnnygolden.com. I cant remember what i did
    with that background to fix it however. thanks for you help though and
    if anything comes to you before it does to me, i'd appreciate the help.
    takmais, Jun 24, 2006
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