Shed Skin Python-to-C++ Compiler 0.0.3 Release: some fixes,3 MB Windows package

Discussion in 'Python' started by Mark Dufour, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Mark Dufour

    Mark Dufour Guest

    Hi all,

    Thanks to the people trying out Shed Skin 0.0.2 and letting me know
    about several problems they encountered. I have released an updated
    version, 0.0.3. It contains some fixes, adds support for several
    builtin functions (sorted, xrange..) and the Windows version is now a
    mere 3 MB, instead of 20 :)

    Shed Skin's main purpose is to optimize algorithmic-like Python code,
    by applying advanced global type inference techniques. It does not
    support e.g. exceptions (yet), and there are currently some other
    limitations. Importing modules requires some extra work on the part of
    the user (see the README for details,) although some imports are
    currently supported (some math, random functions and sys.argv.) What
    you gain by using Shed Skin is highly optimized code (industrial C++
    compiler), independent of any virtual machine. It is also possible to
    create highly optimized extension modules this way.

    I invite anyone to try not too large algorithmic-like programs (e.g.
    AI stuff) with Shed Skin and to let me know if there are any problems.
    Even though 129 test programs already work well (6 of which are larger
    than 100 lines), there are still many unimplemented minor features
    that I can easily fix, provided someone shows me a nice use case.
    Thanks to the people that have sent me failing code snippets before!

    Mark Dufour.
    Mark Dufour, Sep 24, 2005
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  2. Mark Dufour

    cmkl Guest

    I'va got a trojan message by my virus scanner trying to download the
    0.03 exe-file. Something to worry about?

    cmkl, Sep 26, 2005
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