Is 2.0 membership/roles overkill for me?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by john_c, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. john_c

    john_c Guest

    From the start, I went with 2.0's membership/roles framework.
    I thought it would be useful but now it just seems like a very
    fragmented non extensive setup. Every one talks about implement a
    custom membership or role provider to do certain things that the stock
    setup doesn't do. Then you ask or try to find good examples and
    realize no one knows how to do any of this. If you are developing
    software on your own, you can easily tangle up days/weeks just on this
    stuff. It isn't worth it so I'm thinking of ditching it all together.

    After fighting with trying to get a custom role going, I created a
    table and just load up into a Session List<> all values for that
    user's role. It's fast and I have complete control. I've made the
    role small so that admin of it is very basic. I did all of this in a
    couple of days with little effort. I'd still be fighting how to
    connect my custom role with the database if I'd gone that

    To complete the circle, I'm going to manually login users and handle
    account creation. I'll actually be able to add user contact
    information to the sign up process. I already have the forms from the
    login and account creation wizard controls. So here's my question, if
    you don't have a need for an elaborate membership or role setup, is
    going it alone a better choice?

    john_c, Mar 12, 2007
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